Interested in knowing more about the inhabitants and history of Isla Sorna? Reserve an open-air Research Bungalow and spend hours learning more about the native creatures and history of the island. The information you find during your stay will forever change your perspective of "what is possible." For the traveler that is starving for more knowledge and excitement, our Research Bungalows will provide you more information than you ever wanted to know about your "new home" and "new neighbors."

After a long day of playing Raptor Hide-n-Seek, visit the Igloo Incubator Sauna House. Our climate controlled Igloo Incubators are designed to conform to your body temperature and provide a sound-proof and stress-proof environment for the ultimate relaxation. Hatch out of that old shell of yours and become a new you.
Become "one with nature" in our luxury Tree House Suites. For all of the Tarzan and Jane lovers, this unique experience will keep you in tune with all of the natural surroundings and habitat that Isla Sorna offers.

Fall asleep to the lullabies of the jungle and rest easy knowing that you are just an ear-shot away from your next big Isla Sorna encounter.

Reservations: Tree House suites are available on a first climb-first serve basis and are subject to blackout dates!

Isla Sorna boasts some of the worlds most popular hand held snacks and k-rations. Vending machines and supply huts are conveniently located throughout the island. Help yourself , but try not to shake the machines.