Ahoy! Hop on board our Isla Sorna party barge. Entertainment, drinks and music are provided by our courteous boat hands, but you have to bring the fun. Live it up like it was your last voyage. Tour the beautiful and scenic Isla Sorna River on a high energy, action packed party boat guaranteed to leave you with a new definition of FUN!

NOTE: Satellite phones are not allowed on our Party Cruise Tours. No need to make any calls when you are having so much fun! Right?

Isla Sorna's Magical Underwater Tour will test the skills of the experienced swimmer/diver and provide seconds of fun for the beginner. Nestled safely in your personal, double-banded titanium observation cage you will be able to explore the splendor of Isla Sorna's underwater world and come face-to-face with the world most terrifying creatures. Never fear! If by chance the titanium gives way you may still be able to swim safely ashore.

Isla Sorna boasts some of the World's most scenic and safe parasailing locations perfect for the beginner and the expert. Take-off using our unmanned boat or simply throw yourself off one of the many Isla Sorna Gorge walls. Bring your own gear or let one of the natives provide you with all you need to get airborne. Whether you go solo or with one of thousands of gliding guides, you will get a bird's eye view of the entire island that you may never see again.

Isla Sorna plays host to the World's most exotic and unique wildlife. The most popular island tour is the Wild Kingdom Running Tour. Touring Isla Sorna by foot is the only way to go and the faster you are the longer you get to enjoy your stay.

There are several Running Tours available to explore the mysterious creatures that inhabit the Isla Sorna. Be prepared for breath-taking adventure and encounters with the most loveable creatures ever to roam the Earth. Please do not feed the wonderful creatures by keeping pace with the group.