The Isla Sorna Island Adventure vacation package is a unique experience for the more adventurous traveler who wants to venture away from civilization to a land believed to exist only in history books. You will be among the privileged few to witness one of the last remaining indigenous cultures in the world.

A luxury charter flight will take you through restricted airspace to a remote island paradise 207 miles west of Costa Rica known as, Isla Sorna. Significant for its unique terrain and history, Isla Sorna is the home to a variety of rare and re-born creatures of the world not to be affected by modern influences. A minor mishap and few misguided soles have created an exotic land shut off from the rest of the world providing the curious and adventurous a veritable window to the pre-historic past.

This world is central to a mesmerizing legend, dating back over millions of years. Escape to this rural, mountainous hideaway and discover the Secret World of Isla Sorna!