An adventure in itself! This will truly be the highlight of your vacation. Take your turn at feeding these beautiful flying creatures of Isla Sorna in their unnatural habitat. Reaching 2000 feet in height and spanning over 2 miles, the Isla Sorna Bird Cage provides tension-filled seconds of fun and excitement. Go on a self-guided walking tour using one of the many suspended catwalks, just be back before feeding time and make sure you look out for those pesky droppings. In the event that you are caught up in a feeding frenzy, remember that you may escape using our underwater emergency exit. Just grab your nose, leap into the Isla Sorna River and swim underwater to safety. If you are the last to leave, we ask that you make sure and lock the gate.

So you've spent a fun filled day of running and hiding from the face of death in the lush tropical playground that is Isla Sorna but you're still not tired? Well, my friend, Isla Sorna has an incredible night life just waiting for you to explore!

Night life abounds here, so your problem won't be how to find excitement, but deciding where to hide. If you're looking for a quieter evening, relax in the cool ocean breezes as you huddle for warmth in one of several natural caverns. If you're looking for a night out dancing, you're in luck. Isla Sorna has a huge selection of "hot spots" offering every type of music: jazz, rock, techno, traditional Mexican and more. So when you're on your Isla Sorna dream vacation, be sure to check out the famous night life of this tropical paradise because you won't have time to sleep.

Before you leave, be sure to stop by and visit the Pecking Zoo located high atop the nesting area of the Isla Sorna River Gorge. Random aero-shuttles are available for pick-up within the Bird Cage. A must see for the little people in your world.