Based on our survival rate, there is no need to spend the extra money on a round-trip itinerary. Take your chances on our special One-Way: Only Way itinerary package. If by chance you do find a way off of the island, it's "on the House." It is our way of saying, "Thanks" from
A must have for all who visit Isla Sorna. The New Jurassic Park III DVD is available to own starting December 11, 2001. An amazing and insightful production, the Jurassic Park III DVD is an entertaining and thrilling travel reference that you find yourself watching over and over and over ...

A return flight, a professional guided tour and some beverages are not included in the price of your tour package. We suggest that you travel light and do not worry about saving room for souvenirs. You will be happy to return with all of the same body parts included when you were born. A sweatshirt and comfortable running shoes are recommended.

Depending on fitness level and intelligence, visitors to Isla Sorna can literally "shave off" 20 lbs in minutes. Impossible? Participants in the Isla Sorna Fit-For-Life program experience incredible weight loss through starvation, stress and running for their lives 24 hours a day. In some instances, visitors have completely disappeared.